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Fitness has played a major role in my life since early in college.  I started taking my health seriously after spending most of my freshman year in and out of doctor's offices and the ER.  After signing up for my first gym membership in the spring of my Sophomore year I was hooked.  Though I'd been active on and off most of my life I'd never realized how passionate I was about health and fitness until I really started devoting my time to it.  The strength and confidence I gained from working out helped me survive and ultimately walk away from some traumatic and mentally trying situations throughout college.  I decided to pursue a career in personal training in February of 2014, unfortunately in May of that same year I fractured my spine while cliff diving.  After a terrifying and depressing 9 week recovery I decided there was no time to waste, and no reason I couldn't be healthier and stronger than ever.  1 year later, I was.  I adopted a vegan lifestyle and exactly 13 months later earned 1st place in my first bodybuilding competition.  There's nothing we can't do if we're willing to put in the work and stop limiting ourselves. We're often our own biggest obstacle and I want to help as many people as I can walk away from fear and self-doubt and start achieving their goals!  Let me show you how limitless you truly are!

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Cassie Therrien
ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Kettlebell Certified | ViPR Certified | Animal Flow Certified
Competitive Bodybuilder

Health and fitness has played an important role in my life and helped me find the strength to power through some of the most challenging times in life.  I'm always excited to help others introduce health and fitness to their own lives and see the amazing positive changes that follow.

We are all strong and powerful if we allow ourselves to be! Let me help you find your strength and see the spectacular things you're truly capable of.  Together we can find a way to make health and fitness fit into the most hectic of schedules.  It's time make a true lifestyle change that you'll be excited to stick with!


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