Virtual training allows me to provide guidance to clients all over the world!  Please visit the Online PT section to learn more about virtual training

You will receive one-on-one training sessions with me!  Your training program and individual workouts will be customized to not only meet your goals, but to include activities you enjoy!  You will also receive independent workouts to complete on your own between sessions, so there's never a moment of doubt in your routine!

During your nutrition consultation we will discuss the role nutrition will play in achieving your goals and showing you how to take advantage of resources available to help you better understand, track and gain control of your eating habits.  This is not about finding a new "diet" but rather about choosing a lifestyle that you're happy with and can maintain.  Additional consultation can also include instruction on understanding food labels or trips to your grocery store to guide you through making healthier choices for yourself and your family.

Virtual Training

Small Group Training

One-on-one Training

Nutrition Consultations


Sometimes having a workout buddy is the best motivation you could ask for!  Small group training is ideal for friends or family members (no more than 3) of similar fitness levels, with similar goals.  This training comes with all the same benefits of one-on-one training.

Fit Happens

Fitness is about finding your own path to happiness and a healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix.

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